November 8, 2018

EGYPT: Seven Fatalities in Bus Attack

Victim of the May 2017 bus attacks, reads her Bible. - Photo: World Watch Monitor
Nadia lost family members and suffered gunshot wounds in the May 2017 bus attack.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Seven people were killed and at least 14 wounded when a bus of Christians was attacked while travelling to a monastery in Minya on November 2nd. Six of those killed were from the same family. The attack happened in almost the identical location as a similar attack in May 2017 which killed 28 Christians (see this report).

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INDONESIA: Proposed Religious Education Law

A Sunday School in Indonesia
The proposed law could impose serious restrictions on Bible teaching.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Christian organizations in Indonesia have raised concerns about a new religious education bill that would require government permits before conducting any classes, including Sunday school, catechism or Bible classes. The law, if passed, would require a minimum of 15 participants, along with approval from the government's Religious Affairs Ministry.

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UKRAINE: Registration Deadline Passes for Luhansk Churches

A sillhouette of a cross, a man praying and a church in the background - Photo: Pixabay / Geralt

Since rebels in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine declared independence in 2014, the self-declared government has oppressed religious groups in various ways. As part of their efforts to control the churches, the Luhansk State Security Ministry announced a complete ban on one Baptist denomination for not submitting to compulsory registration. For more information, click here.

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PAKISTAN: Asia Bibi Released But Location Unknown

pk asiabibi wwm
Asia Bibi
Photo: World Watch Monitor

During the night of November 7th, Pakistani authorities released Asia Bibi from the Multan jail following her acquittal a week before (click here for more information). Under tight security and a media blackout, she boarded a flight to an unknown destination. Initial media reports claim that she had been flown out of Pakistan. However, government officials insist that she is still within the country but at a safe location. Please remain mindful to pray for Asia, her family, and the nation of Pakistan.

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