March 28, 2019

UKRAINE: Increasing Restrictions in Breakaway Regions

Luhansk, Ukraine - Photo: Flickr / Ozolus
Luhansk, Ukraine
Photo: Flickr / Ozolus (cc)

Areas in eastern Ukraine, now controlled by Russian-backed rebels, have placed increasingly harsh restrictions on any non-Orthodox religious groups. Christians are facing demands to register, as well as orders to stop all religious activities.

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KAZAKHSTAN: Raided Churches Ordered to Stop

Taraz, Ukraine - Photo: Flickr / Upyernoz
Taraz, Kazakhstan
Photo: Flickr / Upyernoz (cc)

Three Baptist churches in the city of Taraz have been subjected to raids from anti-terrorism officers in recent weeks. Despite claiming "our laws don't ban praying," officials defend their punishment of those who meet for worship without state permission.

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SRI LANKA: Mob Disrupts Worship Service

A church in Sri Lanka - Photo: VOM USA
Photo: VOM USA

As the pastor and congregation of the Christian Family Church in Galgamuwa prepared to begin their Sunday worship service on the morning of February 24th, a mob consisting of around 200 people, led by Buddhist monks, forced their way into the church premises.

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