January 9, 2020

NIGERIA: Church Leader Kidnapped in Raid

Pastor Lawan Andimi
Pastor Lawan Andimi

A leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria was kidnapped on January 3rd when Boko Haram raided the town of Michika which is located near the border with Cameroon. Fighters came into town with a convoy of vehicles. Nigerian soldiers readily responded and, in the confusion, town people fled into the bush. While the military drove out the attackers, killing most of them, Pastor Lawan Andimi was taken hostage as the remaining terrorists fled.

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INDIA: "Illegal Practice of Medicine" Charges for Praying

Believers in India facing charges - Photo: Morning Star News www.morningstarnews.org
Lalsingh Tomar (left), Pastor Mukam Kiraad (in blue) and Nanliya Rawat (right)
Photo: Morning Star News

Three Christians were arrested in the village of Vadi in Madhya Pradesh on December 16th after fellow villagers accused them of practising illegal medicine. They spent 11 days in jail before being released on bail. Pastor Mukam Kiraad, along with two members of his church, Lalsingh Tomar and Nanliya Rawat, were shocked to learn they were charged with medical malpractice after praying for physical healing.

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UKRAINE: Books Banned in Luhansk

Ukrainian Bible

Authorities in the unrecognized Luhansk People's Republic in eastern Ukraine have banned 12 books, including a popular translation of the Gospel of John, calling them "extremist" materials. The November 26th ban came a week after the Luhansk Supreme Court overturned a ruling ordering the destruction of books belonging to a Baptist pastor. Along with the Gospel of John, the banned books include the main hymnbook used by the Council of Churches Baptists, a regular magazine published by the church group, as well as children's books.

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