Pakistan: Christians Forced to Live in Slums

Pakistan is country where Islam is the state religion. Desecration of the Quran is an offence that carries a life sentence. The blasphemy laws in force in Pakistan are often misused to target Christians. In 2012, Rimsha, a fourteen-year-old girl, was accused of burning a page of the Quran. Her arrest provoked protests worldwide. It turned out to be a false accusation, and Rimsha was released. She and her parents fled to Canada. Around 800 other Christians who lived in the same neighbourhood as Rimsha were threatened by militant Muslims and had to flee for their lives as well. Where are these people now, and how are they coping? VOM Canada partner SDOK went to Pakistan to find out.

Length 8:20
From SDOK Netherlands

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Current Ministry Projects

Throughout Pakistan, VOMC’s ministry partners are providing Christian women with practical skills training in sewing so they can obtain a sustainable source of income for their families, as well as needed spiritual encouragement to strengthen their faith and witness for Christ.

Project Funds: Families of Martyrs, Women’s Ministry

Country Information

238,181,034 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Punjabi (44.7), Pashtun [Pathan] (15.4), Sindhi (14.1), Saraiki (8.4) Muhajirs (7.6) Balochi (3.6), Other (6.3)

Religion (%)
Islam (96.5), Other - Christian and Hindu (3.5)

President Arif Alvi (2018)

Government type
Federal parliamentary republic

Legal system
Common law system with Islamic law influence

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for Pakistan

Pray that amendments will be made to Pakistan's existing blasphemy laws so that the country's citizens – including its children – will be protected from injustice and abuse. May our Lord's mercy and justice prevail, not only in the judiciary system but also in the hearts of the country's militants. Ask Him to transform their "hearts of stone" into hearts that are receptive to His love, mercy and the workings of His Holy Spirit – not only for the purpose of protecting the Christian minority but also for the salvation of their own eternal souls.


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