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  • 100 Prison Meditations


    Richard Wurmbrand

    While alone in a windowless cell, Richard Wurmbrand had plenty of time to think during his 14 years in the Communist prison. He reflected on his life, his world, and especially his Creator. The captivity he endured included three years of solitary confinement. Although deprived of human companionship, he remained in intimate communion with God – examining in depth the revelation of the Bible and its mandates for the Christian life. This compilation includes 100 Prison Meditations from those years – thoughts of man who was close to God and close to death. The meditations in this book are both provocative and challenging…. (Paperback, 221 pages)

  • Extreme Devotion


    The Voice of the Martyrs

    In an age of extremes, this daily devotional by The Voice of the Martyrs features messages of faith, strength, encouragement and hope, based on the stories of fellow believers from all over the world – throughout the centuries past to the present. These men and women, both young and old, went to the outer limits of human devotion. Each story is true, unforgettable…and extreme. The truths they convey will change your life. Take the challenge today and see for yourself! (Paperback, 368 pages)

  • I am N Devotional


    This powerful 90-day devotional gives you insight into the lives of persecuted believers through a brief story and a guide to prayer. Each devotional also includes a personal application to help strengthen your faith and equip you with boldness to love those in your own community. (Paperback, 352 pages)

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  • The Prisoner’s Lantern

    Sale! $1.00

    There is a prison near the centre of Addis Ababa called Alem Bekagene the End of the World. This booklet (originally published in 1988) contains 38 meditations written by an anonymous former inmate of this prison, jailed for her faith by the Communists who ruled Ethiopia from 1974 until 1987. These meditations arise out of her concern for her fellow-prisoners, both guilty and innocent. They give evidence of the practical application of a living faith in Christ.

    (Paperback, 44 pages)


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