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  • Foxe: Voices of the Martyrs (Second Edition)


    The Voice of the Martyrs

    Understand our rich Christian heritage with new eyes. Be stirred to action by these testimonies of faith. Encounter the stories of Christian martyrs from the dawn of Christianity to the modern times and allow their witness to overflow into your life. (Hardcover, 416 pages)

  • I am N Book

    This inspiring and challenging book shares 50 true stories of Christians facing Islamic extremists.
    I Am N reminds us that wherever we live, we are the brothers and sisters of those who are persecuted. So come meet them and their families. Read their stories. Learn from them, pray for them and deepen your faith in a God who gives us the courage to love even our persecutors. (Paperback, 304 pages)
  • The Apostle


    Once a persecutor of Jesus’ followers, Saul of Tarsus would eventually become one of the Lord’s greatest apostles. This new graphic novel recounts the miraculous transformation of Saul to Paul from the Book of Acts, including his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus and the epic missionary adventures that followed. (Paperback, 151 pages)

  • The Twelve

    The first followers of Jesus were called apostles. These men were sent forth by Jesus Christ and saw firsthand His miracles and resurrection. They were eyewitnesses of His majesty (2 Peter 1:16). The apostles had something else in common — all but one was martyred, or killed for his faith. The lives and deaths of Jesus’ 12 apostles can teach us how to better follow Him.
    The apostles knew without doubt that Jesus was alive and was God’s Son, and they also knew that they had been called to proclaim that truth to others. God had shown them, through the person of Jesus Christ, the only way to salvation, and they were compelled to “teach all nations” His message of grace through faith in Christ. Learn about the lives and deaths of the 12 apostles through this new graphic novel. (Paperback, 100 pages)
  • The Witnesses


    Jesus walked among them and appeared to some of them after His death and resurrection, before ascending to heaven. This exciting graphic novel tells the stories not only of those who knew Christ during His earthly ministry but also of some in the early church who were martyred for their witness, including Perpetua, Justin Martyr and Polycarp. These courageous witnesses stopped at nothing to share the gospel of the risen Lord.


    Author: Kingstone Bible Group
    Edition: Paperback
    Pages: 172 pp.
    Topic/Country: Graphic Novel, Bible

Showing all 5 results