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  • An Asian Harvest


    Leaving his home in New Zealand at age 16, Paul Hattaway found himself in Australia – homeless, hungry and lonely – sleeping atop the roof of a public bathroom. “A waste of oxygen” was his high school principal’s assessment of the lad.

    After a fellow factory worker helped Paul to find faith in Christ, the young wanderer quickly became convinced that God was calling him to China. In 1988, Paul arrived in Hong Kong with nothing more than a backpack, a single contact, and $50 in his pocket. While there, he began to work as a Bible courier, carrying hundreds at a time across the Chinese border and under the noses of the guards.

    Today Paul Hattaway leads Asia Harvest, the ministry he founded, which supports thousands of indigenous missionaries and has supplied over ten million Bibles to China, and millions more to Christians throughout Asia.

    An Asian Harvest is his astonishing story.

    (Paperback, 315 pages)

  • Cell 58


    Dan Baumann

    “It’s strange,” said one of the guards. “I stand by his cell sometimes, and I hear him praying for us! He’s doing all this for love? We know nothing about this God of love, but it sounds very right.”

    An ordinary American, Dan Baumann was wrongly accused of espionage and thrown into the most infamous high-security prison in Iran. In that unlikely place, under the threat of execution and in the midst of despair, Dan witnessed the powerful triumph of God’s love over fear

  • Closer to the Fire: Lessons from the Persecuted Church


    Greg Musselman

    We often feel so far removed from persecution in North America that it can be hard to relate to those suffering for their faith. In Closer to the Fire, journey with VOM’s Greg Musselman as he introduces Christians he has interviewed from around the world and shares how their stories of faithfulness amid persecution have impacted his life. This book will help you connect with and learn from our brothers and sisters who face opposition today for Christ’s sake.
  • God’s Double Agent

    Bob Fu
    Tens of millions of Christians live in China today, leading double lives while hiding from a government that relentlessly persecutes them. Former dissident Bob Fu happened to be one of them. By day, he was a teacher in a communist school and, by night, a preacher in an underground house church network.
    His newly released book, God’s Double Agent, will keep you at the “edge of your seat” as it recounts the captivating story of Bob’s conversion to Christianity, his arrest and imprisonment for starting an illegal house church, harrowing escape from China and subsequent rise to prominence as an advocate for his oppressed brethren.
    God’s Double Agent will inspire you to boldly live out your faith in a world that is at times indifferent, and at other times murderously hostile, to those who spread the Gospel. (Hardcover, 336 pages)
  • God’s Hostage


    Andrew Brunson

    In 1993, Andrew and Norine Brunson traveled to Turkey—the world’s largest unevangelized country—to serve as missionaries. Their work with Syrian refugees, including Kurds, gained attention and suspicion. In 2016, both were arrested. Norine was released, but Andrew was accused of spying and incarcerated.

  • Hearts of Fire


    The Voice of the Martyrs 

    In a world that often equates persecution with men of faith comes the incredible stories of eight women who have stood in the face of severe persecution and trials as examples of undying love and commitment to their Saviour. From kidnappings to beatings, imprisonment and loss, Hearts of Fire reveals the struggles of women representing today’s persecuted church. (Paperback, 294 pages)
  • I am N Book

    This inspiring and challenging book shares 50 true stories of Christians facing Islamic extremists.
    I Am N reminds us that wherever we live, we are the brothers and sisters of those who are persecuted. So come meet them and their families. Read their stories. Learn from them, pray for them and deepen your faith in a God who gives us the courage to love even our persecutors. (Paperback, 304 pages)
  • Imprisoned with Isis: Faith in the Face of Evil


    Petr Jasek with Rebecca George

    “Do you know what waterboarding is?” they asked. “Yes,” I said, “I know what waterboarding is.” “Well, you don’t know how it feels. We will show you.”

    These words are part of the remarkable story about the inhumane ordeal endured by VOM’s Petr Jasek, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Sudan and put in a cell with ISIS fighters. One of these prisoners had taken part in the murder of Egyptian Christians on a Libyan beach. Another had been a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden.

    Petr would remain behind bars for 445 days among these notorious criminals before being released, thanks to God and the prayers of thousands of Christians worldwide. Now you can read how God’s incredible sustaining power helped Petr to survive against the odds!

    (Hardcover, 224 pages)

  • Iran’s Great Awakening


    Dr Hormoz Shariat

    In the mid-1980s, Dr. Hormoz Shariat and his wife prayed, “Lord, use us to save Iran!” His passion to bless Muslims stems, in part, due to the murder of his brother Hamraz, who was arrested in Iran at the age of 16 on a minor political charge. After two years in jail, the teen was executed by a firing squad. God showed Dr. Shariat that the best way to respond to this tragedy is to dedicate his life to bringing one million Muslims to salvation in Christ.

    In his book, Iran’s Great Awakening, Dr. Shariat takes readers on a journey out of bondage to freedom in Christ. Learn what the Bible says about Iran and why this Middle Eastern country is right at the cusp of something big, eternal, and of a great historical proportion — something that is already unfolding! God impressed on his heart, “I am going to do a great work in Iran and change that nation forever, and I am giving you the honour to be a part of it.”

  • Jesus Freaks: Stories of Those Who Stood for Jesus


    dc Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs

    This bestselling classic has been freshly revised and updated for a new generation! The Voice of the Martyrs international and the Grammy Award-winning music group, dc Talk, challenge readers to examine their dedication to God through this compilation of inspiring testimonies featuring believers who continued faithfully serving as witnesses of Jesus – even in the face of death.

    The recently added stories further reveal how persecuted Christians from some of the world’s most dangerous places have chosen to steadfastly follow Christ despite the high cost. Here are just a few of the many testimonies featured in this book:

    • Pastor Han was stabbed to death by North Korean agents for sharing the Gospel with North Koreans in China.
    • Werner Groenewald, and his two children, Jean-Pierre and Rodé, were killed in a Taliban attack on their home in Afghanistan.
    • Fatima al-Mutairi was killed by her brother after becoming a Christian in Saudi Arabia.
    • Habila survived being shot in the face by Boko Haram militants after refusing to renounce his faith in Christ.

    This new edition also includes information on the world’s restricted nations and hostile areas where our brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted for their witness today. Jesus Freaks is a gift that will inspire the faith of today’s youth, strengthening their resolve to stand spiritually strong in the face of adversity

    (Paperback, 415 pages)

  • Passport Through Darkness

    Sale! $5.00

    Kimberly L. Smith

    In Passport Through Darkness, Kimberly L. Smith takes readers on a journey from normal family life and business, to Europe, to the deserts of Africa and, ultimately, to the deserts of her own soul as she tries to live well as an imperfect North American mom and crusade for justice on behalf of orphans around the world. As Kimberly and her family risk everything to answer God’s call and embrace His extraordinary dreams, they experience change and restoration – even amid exhaustion, marital struggles, and physical limitations. While sharing her heartrending stories of fighting human trafficking as an ordinary mom, Kimberly offers hope for readers who wonder if God is also calling them to a different life…one outside the confines of cultural norms.

    (Paperback, 255 pages)

  • The Stone Crusher’s Daughter

    Sale! $7.00
    The Implication of Being Made in God’s Image
    David Lundy
    “Within the subcontinent of India there are millions who belong to the Dalit cast. These are the untouchables, the sub-humans who have grown up believing that their lives have no value. What happens when they find out that they have been made in the image of God; that they have infinite worth and value? David Lundy tells how this simple doctrine that we have taken for granted in the West is able to transform lives. He also shares how this unique doctrine, specific to the Christian faith, differentiates from other religions and has tremendous impact on how life is lived, viewed and valued.” ~ Rev. Merv Budd, M. Div. (Paperback, 250 pages)
  • These are the Generations


    Dr. Eric Foley

    The book, These Are The Generations, chronicles the story of the Baes, a North Korean family that struggled to share the Gospel in labour camps, prisons, interrogations and, the greatest challenge of all, everyday life in North Korea. While Christian inmates are forced to endure many hardships, inhumane treatment, and horrid conditions, Mr. Bae has come to realize that “prison is the best seminary training a Christian can get.” Read this family’s inspiring and challenging story, as told by Dr. Eric Foley, CEO of VOM Korea, a valued ministry partner of VOM Canada. (Paperback, 120 pages)


  • When Faith is Forbidden


    Todd Nettleton – When Faith Is Forbidden:  40 Days on the Frontlines with Persecuted Christians

    Take a 40-day journey to meet brothers and sisters who share in the sufferings of Christ. When Faith Is Forbidden takes you to meet a Chinese Christian woman who called six months in prison “a wonderful time,” an Iraqi pastor and his wife just eight days after assassins’ bullets ripped into his flesh, and many others from our spiritual family who’ve suffered greatly for bearing the name of Christ.


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