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  • Ethiopia: Hand Up - Not Hand Out

    Ethiopia: Hand Up – Not Hand Out (DVD)

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    The Voice of the Martyrs

    In this video you will meet former Muslims who are now spreading the Gospel as missionaries with help from their brothers and sisters in Canada through a “tentmakers” project. Their stories of courage and passion to reach Muslims for Jesus will greatly inspire you!

    (DVD, 23 minutes, 2013)

  • God’s Outlaw: The Real Story of William Tyndale

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    The Voice of the Martyrs

    This beautifully illustrated children’s book tells the amazing story of William Tyndale, translator of the English Bible. Learning about the history behind the Bible we’ve come to know and love today – particularly the sacrificial efforts made to publish and distribute it – results in a much greater appreciation of God’s Word. Read with your family about the risks William took to get His Word into our hands. (Hardcover, 40 pages)

  • God’s Witness: The Courage of Stephen

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    The Voice of the Martyrs with Cheryl Odden

    Stephen defended the faith and boldly became a martyr for Christ. He lived a life full of faith. He performed miracles and boldly told others about Jesus, before his courageous witness was silenced. Written to inspire children to witness boldly for Jesus Christ, God’s Witness is a gripping reminder of the Holy Spirit’s power when we face opposition for the Lord’s sake.

  • Pray CD – Amy Shreve (Double Disc Set)

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    This double-disc offer, featuring gifted music artist Amy Shreve, has been especially produced for the ministry of The Voice of the Martyrs. One disc includes a combination of stories based on the inspiring testimonies of those who have remained true to the faith, even in the face of persecution. Accompanying each of these testimonial stories is one of Amy’s beautifully arranged hymns. The second disc features all of her instrumental renditions consecutively without the story narration. This music is both melodious and worshipful, perfect for those special times of prayer and meditation on God’s Word!

  • The Prisoner’s Lantern

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    There is a prison near the centre of Addis Ababa called Alem Bekagene the End of the World. This booklet (originally published in 1988) contains 38 meditations written by an anonymous former inmate of this prison, jailed for her faith by the Communists who ruled Ethiopia from 1974 until 1987. These meditations arise out of her concern for her fellow-prisoners, both guilty and innocent. They give evidence of the practical application of a living faith in Christ.

    (Paperback, 44 pages)

Showing all 5 results