Christmas Blessing

The “Christmas Blessing” fund provides believers in a particular “persecuted” nation with gift packages containing food items, toiletries, medication, clothing and Christian literature. The distributions, which are made during the Christmas season, help to fulfill the basic needs of suffering believers. Every year, VOMC chooses a new country of need, ensuring the packages are personally delivered to those in need by our in-country ministry partners.

In 2009 and 2010, we partnered with VOM Korea (formerly known as Seoul USA) to provide more than 3,500 gift packages to believers in North Korea.
In 2011, we presented packages to Christians in Iraq.
In 2012, believers in Pakistan were the grateful recipients of our “Christmas Blessing” distribution.
In 2013, the ministry focussed on the dire needs of suffering families in Bangladesh, as well as the required necessities of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Bethlehem.
In 2014, packages were delivered to the traumatized survivors of persecution in Nigeria.
In 2015, recipients of the packages were Christians seeking refuge in the country of Jordan.
This year, in 2016, the Christmas Blessing packages will be greeted by the happy faces of children and their families in war-ravaged Syria.