The Torchlighters: The Eric Liddell Story


This animated DVD features the testimony of Eric Liddell, the world-renowned Olympic medalist from Scotland who lived boldly for Jesus. (His story was also featured in the award-winning movie, Chariots of Fire.) When Eric takes a stand by choosing not to run on the Sabbath, he is considered a traitor and thus makes news headlines around the globe. Yet the challenges he faces as a Christian Olympian end up preparing him for a much greater purpose – the call to serve as a missionary in China. This inspiring life story will help children ages 8 to 12 courageously stand up under peer pressure and wholeheartedly run the race that is set before them. (The animated segment is 30 minutes in length. Plus, there is an added bonus documentary for adults on Eric Liddell’s life and his missionary work in China.)

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