The Torchlighters: The Samuel Morris Story


Young Prince Kaboo was being held for ransom by a fierce enemy tribe in Africa. Warriors had tied the weakened prince to a pole and were about to finish him off when a blinding light suddenly appeared and Kaboo’s ropes fell away. He heard a voice urging him to run. As stunned warriors looked on in fear, Kaboo escaped into the jungle where he stumbled upon a Christian mission complex. The missionaries told Kaboo about a heavenly Father who had paid the ransom for everyone. Kaboo soon adopted the new name “Samuel Morris” and set out on a mission to share his newfound faith with all who would listen.

Samuel Morris, like many missionaries throughout church history, chose to sacrifice his life in order to share Christ in his home country. This new addition to the Torchlighters DVD series includes a 30-minute animated video recounting Samuel’s story, as well as a 58-minute documentary on his life, a comprehensive leader’s guide with lesson plans and background information, and reproducible handouts with activities and discussion questions. (DVD in both English and Spanish)

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