Colombia: Valiant Evangelist Martyr

Here is an interview with our ministry partner, Pabel, an evangelist of Colombia Para Cristo, who had mysteriously disappeared. In late November of 2014, his body was located in the mountains of the Paez Indian Territory. He had been tied to a tree and strangled. The two murderers responsible for this crime have confessed and are now in Indian custody. Kelly, Pabel's young widowed wife and the mother of their two little children, was allowed to confront the murderers. Explaining to them that although her husband had always wanted to be with the Lord, the crime they committed has caused serious harm to her family who are left without a provider. As a Christian, Kelly willingly forgave the perpetrators, mentioning that she would also ask God to forgive them. Her husband Pabel, who was one of our dearest friends, will be remembered as a valiant evangelist who gave his all for the cause of Christ.

December 8, 2014
Length: 2:24
From Colombia Para Cristo

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