Dear Friend in Ministry,

We, at The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, are grateful to God for your prayerful support as we serve Christ's mission to rescue His followers from the modern-day clutches of evil that's being wielded against righteousness. Often, we pray for and gratefully acknowledge our supporters when encouraging those whom we serve. These persecuted Christians are greatly comforted knowing that they are an integral part of a functioning universal "body of Christ," and that they are remembered by fellow believers. This reality alone brings tremendous strength to their sense of purpose under God's plan.

It was 11:00 o'clock on Remembrance Day.... My VOMC staff and I stood respectfully, with hearts brimming over in gratitude, for those who had paid a painful price -- possibly even the "ultimate price" -- to ensure the religious freedom that, as of today, we still enjoy in our beautiful Canada. My ministry team and I prayed together, thanking God for the privilege of freely living and expressing our Christian faith. Some of us remember, or have heard stories of our own kinfolk, fighting "just wars" against evil fiefdoms. For their most profoundly demonstrated love and faithfulness, we are humbled and grateful.