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Mahnoor Ashraf - Photo: Morning Star News
Mahnoor Ashraf
Photo: Morning Star News

At least four Pakistani Christian girls have been kidnapped in the first two weeks of 2022, continuing a trend that has become increasingly prevalent across the country. In many cases, the abducted girls are forcibly converted to Islam, married to their kidnappers, and then held in captivity – an outcome justified by fraudulent marriage and conversion certificates. To read about previous instances, go to our country report.

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Mosque in Ghadames - Photo: Wikipedia / Franzfoto
Islam is the official religion of Libya.
Photo: Wikipedia / Franzfoto (cc)

A recent government campaign against the celebration of Christmas is yet another demonstration of anti-Christian activity orchestrated by the authorities in the North African nation of Libya. A movement to confiscate Christmas decorations from stores was lauded by governing officials on the national news agency. In one city, local police shut down all stores that were selling the seasonal decorations.

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Keshav Raj Acharya - Photo: Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Pastor Keshav Raj Acharya
Photo: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

In November 2021, Pastor Keshav Raj Acharya of the Abundant Harvest Church in Pokhara, Nepal, was convicted of proselytising and thus sentenced to two years in prison. He was initially arrested because of a video that had been released without his knowledge in which he claimed that the COVID-19 virus could be healed through prayer. He was later re-arrested for "outraging religious feelings" and "attempting to convert" others to Christianity. (To review a previously posted report on this case, go to this report.)

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Family members of prisoners - Photo: ChinaAid
Family members of those who were sentenced with prison terms.
Photo: ChinaAid

The Xuncheng Reformed Church in Taiyuan, China, has faced numerous raids over the past year. On December 30th, 2020, while Pastor An Yankui was hosting a Bible study in his home, security officers raided the house and forcefully restrained him (view this page). During his detainment, the pastor served a 15-day administrative detention.