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Standing with persecuted Christians in adversity, helping them advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a hostile world.

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Patras Masih in prison
Patras Masih
Photo: Morning Star News

In February 2018, 17-year-old Patras Masih allegedly shared content on social media which some found to be blasphemous. In the wake of this post, riots broke out in his neighbourhood of Lahore. Patras was taken into custody and authorities also tortured his cousin Sajid, who jumped from a window to escape, resulting in serious injuries.

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A gathering of Vietnamese believers
Vietnamese believers
Photo: VOMC

According to Christian leaders in Vietnam, new religion-related decrees are set to be introduced in the country which would further restrict religious freedoms. The proposed ordinances are apparently intended to resolve shortcomings in previous guidelines. However, as one Vietnamese analyst explained, "If you start with something which is very bad at its core, any additions to it can only be bad too.... Tinkering with the margins will not change the rotten core."

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Eritrean Bible
Photo: VOMC

In May 2002, the Eritrean government closed all unregistered churches and established legislation outlawing any religious community except for Sunni Islam, Eritrean Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism. Government oppression and control was strongly instituted, even within these approved religious groups.