Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Once we serve God, surely we
must go the way of the cross.
So I will not quarrel against the
Lord for what has happened."

~ Pastor Quang
A church leader in Vietnam


Six Christians Arrested by Village Chief

A large wooded area partially hides a village in the mountains of Laos.

On June 22nd, believers from the village of Tahae gathered at the home of Pastor Mum for a time of prayer in preparation for their Sunday worship service the next day. While the followers of Jesus were praying, the village chief – along with four other community officials – suddenly entered the home before arresting the pastor and five believers because of their Christian faith.


Blasphemy Conviction for Online Posts

Furniture and possessions are strewn on a street. Some of them are burning.
The riots in 2023.
Photo: Morning Star News

In August 2023, the Christian colony of Jaranwala was filled with violence after allegations of blasphemy were made against two brothers. During the rampage, as many as 400 homes and 26 church buildings were damaged or destroyed. For more details, and to view video footage of the attacks, see this page.


Location of 11 Christian Prisoners Unknown

A prison is in an open area next to mountains in Vietnam.
A prison in Vietnam
Photo: VOMC

Human rights organizations around the world are raising concerns about the fate of 11 Christian prisoners in Vietnam. The Christian men were all sentenced to prison at different times between 2011 and 2016. It has recently come to light that their whereabouts remain a mystery, and that the believers who should have completed their sentences by now were not yet released to return home.