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  • Marked for Attack
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    In the early hours of May 17, Joshua Saune and his wife woke to the sound of an explosion. Below their bedroom window the Quechua Indian church leader found a makeshift bomb consisting of ten sticks of dynamite. Thankfully, only one of the sticks detonated and no one was injured. However, tied to their garage door was a red flag, symbolizing that the Shining Path had marked them for attack.

    According to Assist News, the Peruvian government reports that at least 800 Quechua pastors have been killed by the Marxist guerilla organization. Joshua is the leader of around 200 Quechua churches in Peru. His grandfather was killed for his faith in 1989 and his two brothers in 1992. This week's attack is somewhat unusual, since the Shining Path generally attacks in the countryside and jungles rather than in the cities.

    Several times Joshua and his wife Missy have been threatened and told to leave their ministry in the highlands city of Ayacucho, but they have remained steadfast in their ministry. Since the attack, they have been urged by police to be extremely cautious since little protection can be provided. According to Joshua, "We have to rely 100% on our Lord and your constant prayers. We remain steadfast in the ministry the Lord has bestowed upon us. We have a deeper desire to continue the work until the Lord guides in another direction."

    Joshua is particularly concerned for the emotional well being of his parents and his four children, Noconi (12), Zoyla (9), Sheyava (5) and Athaliah (2). Pray for their protection and for the on-going ministry in Peru.