It was as if the proverbial "Star of Bethlehem" had literally crashed into planet earth announcing so poignantly that, despite the innocence of His infancy, everything had forever changed. The understated, yet profoundly ceremonious, arrival of the baby Jesus brought to all of humankind His salvation and judgement wrapped in a swaddling cloth of clemency. Haunted, even then, by ancient prophecies that had for centuries foretold of His lineage, His coming, and His plight on behalf of humanity, Jesus was the "Word" that would divide households, shatter all other Messianic myths, destroy and rebuild temples, while compassionately -- yet determinately -- wielding a two-edged sword yielding true spiritual discernment.

Whether teaching in the temple "beyond His years," or "being about His Father's business," Jesus (Immanuel) was finally among us, knowing to whatever extent His Heavenly Father allowed, that which was His highest calling. From the time of His "Kingdom" awareness, Jesus was literally fixated on the "cross," as if having lined up the cross-hairs of a gun-scope, which enabled His vision above and beyond the temporal to a "hill to die on" called Calvary.

For those who suffer loneliness, despair, abuse, disentitlement, the loss and martyring of loved ones, torture, imprisonment, and other afflictions for Jesus' sake during this season, which is otherwise thought to be a time of pure at peace. Jesus has come and His Holy Spirit is eternally among us...within us...and going before us as One who delivers the essence of Christmas every day of the year.

May His peace and blessings rest upon and permeate your household this season, and may we never forget His beloved children who are in peril at this time. Always remember that, though we may suffer with Christ, His blessings are always mixed into our circumstances, bringing the joy of experiencing His presence.

In Him,

Doug J. McKenzie
Chief Executive Officer
The Voice the Martyrs Canada