Afghanistan: The World’s Most Dangerous Country for Christians

After two decades of topping the World Watch List by Open Doors, North Korea has been overtaken by Afghanistan as “the most difficult and dangerous country to be a follower of Jesus.” While the challenges of persecution have not abated for Christians in North Korea, the situation has increasingly worsened for believers in Afghanistan since the takeover of the militant Islamic group, the Taliban, last August.

In this episode of Closer to the Fire, host Greg Musselman speaks with Afghan pastor, Obed Rod, about the perilous situation presently facing Christians in Afghanistan. Pastor Obed, who grew up in a devoted Muslim home, says that although things are even more dangerous for Christians in his home country, he remains hopeful, as many more fellow Afghans are coming to faith in Christ.

Pastor Obed also shares about his spiritual journey, which led to a personal discovery of the Lord, and describes the persecution he encountered as a result while living in Afghanistan and India. He further shares about the challenges he now faces as the leader of an Afghan church in Canada.

Length: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

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