Closer to the Fire

Pakistan: Christian Girls Kidnapped and Abused

Every year in Pakistan, an estimated 1,000 girls and young women from religious minorities – many of whom are Christians – face kidnapping, forced conversion to Islam, and marriage to their much older abductors. While some of these girls are rescued, most of them presently remain in captivity where they are being forced to live in an ongoing nightmare, as are their heartbroken families. Pakistani human rights journalist Asher John is making sure these girls are not forgotten. During this episode of the Closer to the Fire podcast, VOM Canada’s Greg Musselman speaks with Mr. John about several recent cases of abduction and the demoralizing human rights abuses that are being inflicted on society’s most vulnerable victims.

Date: May 2023
Length 4:30

To watch the entire interview with Asher John about the Persecuted Church in Pakistan, see Pakistan: Christians Constantly at Risk.
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