India: The Rising Levels of Violence against Christians

The levels of violence against Christians in India from Hindu extremists have significantly intensified. And since the onset of the pandemic, the challenges facing persecuted believers have become even more alarming. On May 18th, the father of Pastor Ramesh Bumbariya was shot dead during an attack on his Christian family in Rajasthan state. A mob of 15 radical Hindu nationalists – carrying swords, sickles, and a gun – attacked the pastor’s family at their home in Banswara District, killing his 52-year-old father Bhima. Three other family members were injured in the attack. VOM Canada’s Greg Musselman spoke with Abihijit Nayak, the Director of Step, a ministry partner of The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, about the rise of persecution in India and the extra struggles facing Christians during the pandemic.

Date: June 2021
Length: 34:00
Source: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

Step International
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

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In addition to providing persecuted Christians legal support and rehabilitation assistance, VOMC cares for children of martyrs by ensuring they have a safe home in which to be nurtured both physically and spiritually. VOMC also partners to equip Christians in India with Biblical training and offers specialized ministry to further strengthen and support marginalized, persecuted Christian women.

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Country Information


1,339,330,514 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Indo-Aryan (72), Dravidian (25), Mongoloid and other (3)

Religion (%)
Hinduism (79.8), Muslim (14.2), Christianity (2.3), Sikh (1.7), other (2)

President Ram Nath Kovind (2017)

Government type
Federal parliamentary republic

Legal system
Based on English common law; separate personal law codes apply to Christians, Hindus and Muslims.

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for India

Despite the intimidation and violence that have taken place in many of India's states, may Christians wisely yet unashamedly preach the Gospel. Pray that indigenous Christians and foreign missionaries will minister in ways that do not hint at fraudulent conversions, unmasking the intentions behind the anti-conversion legislation. Intercede for India's leaders, that they may reign with justice and righteousness.


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