Nigeria: Bringing Hope and Healing to Persecuted Women and Girls

Mara's House is a safe home in Nigeria that assists traumatized young women who are recovering from persecution, terrorism, kidnapping, sexual violence, child marriage and socio-economic deprivation. In addition to safe housing, Mara's House provides medical care, education, vocational training and pastoral care so Christian women can rebuild their lives and create opportunities for their future.

In partnership with Crossroads Cares and The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Christian Faith Ministries is presently working to complete the construction of this dormitory building. We are pleased to share this update on the incredible progress that’s being made – all thanks to YOUR support!

To donate, call: 1-800-265-3100 or visit:

Date: May 2023
Length: 30:00

Program Notes:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada:
Crossroads Cares:

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