Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand

VOM Canada Founders: Nellie and Klaas Brobbel

In the early 1970s a young mother and wife went to hear pastor Richard Wurmbrand share his story of how he was persecuted for his faith in Jesus Christ. Nellie Brobbel was that woman. After being deeply impacted by Richard`s story, she desired to see his mission have a Canadian office. The Lord spoke to Nellie that she was the person to take on that task. Along with her husband Klaas a ministry to the persecuted church was started from their Ontario home in 1971. Hear Nellie and Klaas talk about pastor Wurmbrand and the beginning of the mission that would come to be known as The Voice of the Martyrs Canada.

Length: 3:45
From The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

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