Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand

Sabina Wurmbrand biography (1913-2000)

Sabina Wurmbrand was imprisoned by the Communist regime in Romania during the country's worst Stalinist period (1950-1953). During her sentence, she was sent to the dreaded subterranean Fort of Jilava. She also endured forced labour working on the Danube River -- Black Sea Canal. Tens of thousands of prisoners died during the construction of this canal. Sabina was the wife of Reverend Richard Wurmbrand (1909-2001), who was imprisoned for his Christian faith for 14 years. The documentary contains unique, never-shown-before footage of some of these Romanian Communist prisons.

From Mrs. Lucia Hossu-Longhin - Film Director, formerly of the Romanian Government TV station, TVR

Length: 26:03

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