Pastor Sentenced as Persecution Increases


Algerian believers praising God
Photo: SAT-7

A pastor in Frenda, Tiaret Province, was given a fine and suspended prison sentence on March 8th under a law that prohibits causing Muslims to doubt their religion. Pastor Nordine B. has been ordered to pay 100,000 dinar ($1,132 CAN) and given a three-month suspended sentence. According to the Algerian news outlet, Algerie Part, the only evidence against him was that he was carrying Christian books. Pastor Nordine intends to appeal the conviction.

This case follows several instances of harassment against churches and Christians in the past few months. Three churches were closed in the northwestern province of Oran under the pretext that they did not have state approval. Other incidents have led to the arrest of Christians and the closure of a bookstore. For more information, go to this page.

Remember the Christians in Algeria as they face this increasing pressure from the government. Pray that they will be able to stand firm. Lift up the needs of Pastor Nordine and ask that his appeal will be successful.

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