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Man alone at sunset - Photo: Pixabay
May Algerian believers sense the Lord's presence with them.

"Ahmed" (not his real name due to security concerns) knows well the cost of following Christ. When the Algerian man became a Christian in April 2013, his wife began seeing positive changes in his life. As a result, three months later, she also professed her faith in Christ.

As is common, after the couple were baptized in 2015, the persecution they experienced escalated. Family members not only seized property from them, including Ahmed's poultry business, but they also taunted him with insults and death threats.

Two years later, when his wife's family found out about the conversion, they too confronted the couple. In fear, Ahmed's wife denied becoming a Christian. Together with her parents, she accused Ahmed of attacking Islam and desecrating verses of the Quran. Eventually, while under pressure from her family, she divorced Ahmed and took their two daughters with her, preventing him from seeing them again.

Of all the ordeals Ahmed has experienced, his wife's rejection hit him the hardest. Yet, despite the pain, he refused to turn away from his Christian faith. In subsequent years, the Christian convert has encountered opposition from many directions. On April 17th, 2021, he was detained by Algerian police for questioning and told that there were multiple allegations against him relating to his Christian faith. Ahmed was further accused of threatening his ex-wife and daughters. Additionally, he was charged for allegedly accepting donations to spread Christianity, as well as printing and distributing Christian literature and Bibles. He denies all charges against him.

On July 8th, a judge sentenced him to six months in prison, along with a fine of 100,000 dinars ($926 CAD). The charges are based on a law in Algeria which criminalizes any activity that aims to "undermine the faith of a Muslim." Ahmed intends to appeal the court's decision. For more information on the challenges facing Christians in Algeria, or to review previously posted reports, go to our country report.

Remember Ahmed in your prayers as he faces these new challenges, along with the possibility of imprisonment. May God abundantly bless this long-suffering believer for his unshakeable faith, providing him all that he needs to overcome the multiple onslaughts of the enemy. Pray that his life will serve as a brightly shining light to all who have been opposing him, so they will see their own need for the Lord's miraculous rescue spiritually and eternally. Ask the Lord to work mightily in their hearts, making it possible for Christ-honouring relationships to be established with his estranged family members and granting him rightful access to his daughters.