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Church members hang signs in protest
Church members carried out a peaceful demonstration in 2019.

Pastor Salah Chalah is the senior pastor of the largest Protestant church in Algeria, where governmental restrictions in opposition to Christianity have escalated to an alarming degree. As a result, he was recently summoned to appear in court, along with three other Christians, and is now facing multiple charges. The court hearing was scheduled to take place on December 5th (read more). However, on January 10th, new details emerged indicating that the hearing has been postponed until January 16th.

Please continue to prayerfully uphold Pastor Salah and the three other accused believers as they plead their case before court officials in the coming days. Pray that all the charges against them will be dropped. May the many churches that have been forcefully sealed by the Algerian government be allowed to reopen, so the love of Christ can be demonstrated through both word and deed throughout the country (John 13:35).