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The following report is written in such a way as to hide the location and identity of those involved. Usually, we would not publish such vague prayer requests but the urgent nature of this situation requires that we suspend our usual practice.

Reporting and working on behalf of persecuted Christians is often dangerous work, even in countries where it is not technically illegal. The authorities in many countries sometimes view such activities as unpatriotic, portraying their country negatively. This is certainly the case in one African country where The Voice of the Martyrs is actively working and where one of our co-workers is in need of urgent prayer. Our co-worker has been threatened with having his/her work exposed to the security forces of the country. In this particular country, even the accusation of such activities could result in imprisonment. Pray for courage and safety for our co-worker and his/her family at this time. Pray that the one making these threats will come to repentance and that the threats will come to nothing.