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A Sunday School in Indonesia - Photo: World Watch Monitor www.worldwatchmonitor.org
Ask God to provide wisdom as Indonesian believers seek ways to gather in fellowship.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

The New Testament Christian Church in Central Java was meeting for worship on February 16th when protesters entered the building and demanded that the church service stop. As the demonstrations continued, police arrived to mediate. The pastor received permission to finish the service and meet with the opposing community members later.

That afternoon, the pastor met with the protesters, along with police and Islamic leaders from the Indonesian Clerics Council, who insisted that the building not be used for Christian activities. Even though the pastor did not sign an official agreement, the church was ultimately forced to close. Further information on the persecution experienced by Christians in Indonesia is available here.

Pray that the Lord will uphold the faith of these believers and that they will be able to continue meeting together. Ask Him to give wisdom to the church leaders as they endeavour to handle the situation, while seeking alternate ways to effectively minister to the members of their community. Despite the opposition, may the message of the Gospel be spread throughout the area -- touching the hearts of even those opposing them.

Country Information


275,122,131 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Javanese (40.1), Sundanese (15.5), Malay (3.7), Balak (3.6), Madurese (3), Betawi (2.9), Minangkabau (2.7), Buginese (2.7), Bantenese (2), Other (23.8)

Religion (%)
Muslim (87.2), Christian (9.9), Hindu (1.7), Other (0.9), Unspecified (0.4)

President Joko Widodo (2014)

Government type
Presidential republic

Legal system
Civil law system based on the Roman-Dutch model and influenced by customary law

Sources: CIA World Factbook.

Pray for Indonesia

Pray for the continued growth of the church in Indonesia, despite the intense opposition and persecution that has taken place. May the destructive plans of the enemy to eradicate Christianity be frustrated and nullified.

Pray that whatever is intended for evil, God will turn around for good -- causing such hatred and violence to not only discredit extremism, but to also compel many to seek salvation in Christ... including the perpetrators of persecution.


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