The Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish people groups composing the majority of modern-day Iraq have been in conflict with each other for centuries. The extreme violence perpetrated by ISIS in recent years has led to revival, resulting in many Iraqis -- including traditional Christians -- seeking a saving faith in Christ and becoming bold witnesses. These circumstances have provided a unique window of opportunity to share the Gospel with all who are in search of hope, truth and justice.

Life for Christians:

Northern Iraq is home to a sizable population of Christians who are permitted to worship freely; whereas, in some other parts of the country, professing followers of Christ face tremendous difficulties. Most Christian Iraqis come from ancient faith traditions that trace their roots back to the first century. In recent years, and especially at the hands of ISIS, tens of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee the country, leaving a small but bold and faithful remnant behind. For many of these Iraqi believers, much of their day-to-day lives are focussed on survival and decisions about the future. Christian converts must also deal with extreme pressure from their opposing families.


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