Iraq is now facing its worst crisis since its 2003 war. Considering Al Qaida terrorists not extreme enough in their Jihadi beliefs, ISIS members are strategizing their own agenda. They have since forcefully taken over the city of Mosul - destroying all government departments, releasing prisoners out of captivity, and barbarically killing countless innocent people.

ISIS issued an ultimatum to Mosul's 35,000 Christians: "Convert, pay the jizya (Islamic tax), or be killed." Within days, the ultimatum changed to "leave or be killed." Despite the mass exodus, lifeless bodies ended up on the streets and areas once known as thriving Christian communities were left desolate as deserted ruins. Even the army and police had fled the area, leaving military resources vulnerable for enemy capture.
With a declared goal of eradicating all non?Muslims and those who do not follow such extremist beliefs, the rampage caused by ISIS has led to a mass emigration of Christians and other Iraqi citizens into neighbouring countries or the semi?autonomous region in the north known as Kurdistan.

The chaos has not only affected Christians but also displaced thousands of people representing other various religions in Iraq.  In the midst of it all, the Iraqi church continues to love and minister with God's grace and mercy. Those who would otherwise be very closed to the Gospel are suddenly more open and receptive to the truth.


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