Christian on Trial for Converting to Christianity


Mohammed Abbad
Mohammad Abbad
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A Jordanian Christian, Mohammad Abbad (40) is on trial for apostasy for converting from Islam to Christianity in 1993, according to an April 24 report from Middle East Concern. Abbad fled the country late last month after Muslim militants attacked him, his son and another Muslim convert to Christianity who had sought sanctuary in his home on March 23. This attack prompted Abbad's father to bring charges of apostasy against him while he was being treated for his injuries. Abbad spent one night in the hospital handcuffed to his bed. His father also filed for custody of his two young children. In a court hearing on March 27, Abbad refused to deny his faith and return to Islam and fled the country the following day with his Jordanian Christian wife. Abbad's March 29 hearing was postponed due to his absence but the judge began a procedure to have his marriage annulled.

After hiding in different Arab countries for almost two weeks, the couple settled in a European country where they have applied for asylum. At last report, the attempt to dissolve their marriage was still underway, pending on the judge's request for Abbad's father to produce a marriage certificate.

Pray for wisdom, guidance and strength for Abbad and his wife. Pray that his children will see the faith of their father and desire to follow in his footsteps in standing firm in Christ (Deut. 11:18-20).

For more information on the persecution of Christians in Jordan, go to the Jordan Country Report.

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