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Photo from church member's video
Nine churches were recently targeted in Malaysia in a series of arson attacks sparked by religious tensions between Muslims and Christians over the use of the word "Allah." In the Malay-language, "Allah" is the common term Christians have used for God for hundreds of years. However, many Muslims believe the word "Allah" should be restricted to Muslims, as they believe its use by other religions could lead to confusion and possible conversions. The attacks, which began on January 8, came after a Supreme Court ruling on December 31 which overturned a government ban on the use of "Allah" by Christians -- a ruling the government has since appealed. One of the nine churches targeted in the violence, the Metro Tabernacle Church at Desa Melawati, was significantly damaged.

Pray for guidance for Christians in Malaysia as they face opposition. Ask God to provide for and encourage those affected by these attacks. Pray that increased persecution will result in increased boldness among believers in Malaysia (Acts 4:29-31).

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