Special Funds

You want your gifts to count for the glory of God, and so do we. Aligned with our purposes as a mission, VOMC has created special funds that minister to persecuted Christians around the world.

Individuals, churches and organizations can designate gifts to a particular fund. We hope you will prayerfully consider how you can best serve our persecuted brothers and sisters worldwide. Your gifts effectively remind our persecuted family that they have not been forgotten.

"Remember the prisoners as if chained
with them–those who are mistreated–since
you yourselves are in the body also."

Click on any of VOMC's special funds to find out how each ministers to persecuted Christians.

The Underground Church Fund

The Underground Church Fund provides assistance and encouragement to believers in severely restricted areas. Support includes: job-training centres for converts to Christianity, Bible printing and smuggling, an underground university, radio ministries, safe houses and ministries geared toward Muslim converts. While we are unable to share specifics about these ministries due to the possibility of endangering those we serve, this fund is a powerful part of our mission.

Give online to VOMC's Underground Church Fund

The Families of Martyrs Fund

The Families of Martyrs Fund provides encouragement and assistance to families left destitute by the imprisonment, death or exile of one or both parents because of their faith.

Give online to VOMC's Families of Martyrs Fund

Relief and Development Fund

The Relief and Development Fund assists Christians in restricted nations—before, during and after persecution—by providing relief aid to desperately poor families, job training, refugee assistance and other practical means of encouragement.

Give online to VOMC's Relief and Development Fund

Equipping the Saints Fund

The Equipping the Saints Fund helps meet the educational needs facing today's persecuted church and believers facing potential persecution. We provide intensive training seminars held in-country to empower leaders and teachers to educate and train their own people. By supplying qualified teachers, Bibles and other Christian literature, we partner with Christian leaders in "equipping the saints."

Give online to VOMC's Equipping the Saints Fund

Raising a Voice Fund

The Raising a Voice Fund assists VOM in the vital task of communicating the needs of today's persecuted church to the free world through print media, the Internet, video, radio and television. By working together with organizations inside restricted nations, we are able to raise awareness in ways that we could not on our own.

Click here to find out why raising a voice on behalf of the persecuted is so important to VOM, to our founder Richard Wurmbrand and to the persecuted church.

Give online to VOMC's Raising a Voice Fund

Christmas Blessing

The "Christmas Blessing" fund provides believers in a particular "persecuted" nation with gift packages containing food items, toiletries, medication, clothing and Christian literature. The distributions, which are made during the Christmas season, help to fulfill the basic needs of suffering believers. Every year, VOMC chooses a new country of need, ensuring the packages are personally delivered to those in need by our in-country ministry partners.

In 2009 and 2010, we partnered with VOM Korea (formerly known as Seoul USA) to provide more than 3,500 gift packages to believers in North Korea.
In 2011, we presented packages to Christians in Iraq.
In 2012, believers in Pakistan were the grateful recipients of our "Christmas Blessing" distribution.
In 2013, the ministry focussed on the dire needs of suffering families in Bangladesh, as well as the required necessities of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Bethlehem.
In 2014, packages were delivered to the traumatized survivors of persecution in Nigeria.
In 2015, recipients of the packages were Christians seeking refuge in the country of Jordan.
This year, in 2016, the Christmas Blessing packages were greeted by the happy faces of children and their families in war-ravaged Syria.
In 2017, the packages brought joy and satisfaction to families living in Palestine.
In 2018, packages that included warm winter clothing were given to families in Syria where for many, it was a dream come true to have their children receive new winter clothes.
*This year, in 2019, the Christmas Blessing packages are set to be distributed to families living in the former USSR.

Give online to VOMC's Christmas Blessing Fund

Legal Defence Fund

The Legal Defence Fund provides resources for Christians who have been arrested because of their Christian witness. Oftentimes, persecuted Christians are denied or cannot afford adequate legal representation. Legal fees can bankrupt families and churches. Court cases can drag on for months and even years. Gifts to the Legal Defence Fund help ensure that courageous believers receive the best legal assistance possible under the circumstances.

Give online to VOMC's Legal Defence Fund

Bible Fund

Christians living in restricted nations are often denied access to Bibles. VOMC's Bible Fund helps print Bibles -- in different languages -- and smuggle them to believers who would otherwise live their lives without ever reading the Word of God.

Give online to VOMC's Bible Fund

Women's Ministry Fund

Christian women, particularly pastors' wives and children, are suffering for their witness in nations hostile to Christ. Some are incarcerated in prison cells, without their basic needs being met. Others are forced to labour under great duress. Still, many are subordinated and sexually abused, discriminated against and mistreated. VOMC's Women's Ministry Fund addresses the unique needs of Christian women who suffer for their faith by providing assistance and support to them.

Give online to VOMC's Women's Ministry Fund

Medical Fund

VOMC's Medical Fund provides assistance to those who are in need of health care or quality surgery due to injuries sustained because of their Christian witness. Oftentimes, Christians who have been injured in the course of witnessing have more difficulties accessing adequate medical care for the injuries they experienced. These injuries include burns, lost limbs, injuries from beatings, etc. This fund also pays for lodging and food when the patient is unable to immediately return home because of the treatment received.

Give online to VOMC's Medical Fund

One Orphan, One Widow project

For many years, VOMC has worked in South Sudan, helping to encourage and empower Christians so they can rebuild their lives after years of targeted persecution. In keeping with the mission's mandate, VOMC is now facilitating the One Orphan, One Widow project. Together, we're able to rescue, save, heal, house, educate, disciple, employ, protect and equip thousands of at-risk orphans and widows so they can become the next generation of Christ-centred leaders in their communities. With God's help -- and the assistance of our ministry partners -- we are ultimately raising a generation of indigenous Christian peacemakers.

(If you wish to join us by contributing to this project, please let us know when you call or write to make your donation. You can also give online to the project.).

Solitary Refinement

Solitary Refinement is an original, one-man live theatrical stage play, which is launching out in a cross-Canada tour through many churches in September of 2017. The "SR" tour is designed to fulfill one of two key VOMC mission mandates, by challenging and engaging the Canadian Christian church as it is artfully presented the historical and modern day realities of the global persecution...now afflicting many genuine followers of Christ, in today's world.

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Please join us in ministering to the persecuted church through financial contributions to any of our special funds. You may give online by selecting any of the funds above and clicking “Give online,” or by calling our office at 1-888-298-6423. Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST).

You can also mail a cheque made payable to "The Voice of the Martyrs Inc." (please use exact wording):

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