Positive Changes Regarding Apostasy Laws


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Sudanese people and flags
May God bring the people of Sudan
to a true knowledge of Him.
Photo: Voice of America

In recent months, the transitional government of Sudan has been announcing the implementation of significant changes which could lead to expanded religious freedoms in the country. While Christians remain cautious, there is optimism that some of the dangers they have faced may be abating.

In early March, committees that were once used to confiscate church properties have been disbanded, restoring ownership of the properties to the church members. Then, on March 8th, a government leader announced to the Sudan Tribune news that the death penalty for apostasy is to be removed. In its place, officials intend to introduce a law making it a criminal offense to accuse someone of apostasy.

Changes of this kind, if fully enacted, can make a significant impact on the lives of Christians. Around the world, accusations of apostasy have consistently been used as weapons against believers in Christ. Even though the government considers this move a demonstration of freedom of religion, valid concerns persist. While the punishment has been removed, the crime of apostasy remains in the Criminal Code, along with blasphemy. Additional information on the persecution of Christians in Sudan is available here.

Praise God for the positive steps toward religious freedom that have been evidenced thus far due to the decisions of those presently ruling Sudan. Pray that further steps will be taken to ensure true freedom is granted to Christians throughout the country. Also intercede for the stability of the new government, as it eventually transitions from military rule to civilian governance in 2022.