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Sudanese man reading the Bible
Photo: VOMC

Two church leaders, who were arrested during a Bible class on June 14th in the city of Omdurman, are presently facing charges of public nuisance. After being detained by police for four hours, Pastor Kabashi Idris and evangelist Yacoub Ishakh were released on bail.

This incident took place after a neighbour complained a second time about the Christian gatherings being held in the church building near his home. During the month of May, his initial complaint was made because of their singing. At the time, the two Christian leaders were released after being interrogated. In June, however, the same neighbour told the police that his children had been singing the Christian songs and he was concerned that they may convert to Christianity.

If found guilty of the charges, Pastor Kabashi and Yacoub could each face a fine and up to three months in prison. The court could also order that they cease all religious activities. To learn more about the challenges experienced by Christians in Sudan, go to our country report.

Pray for God's intervention in this situation. May the charges against Pastor Kabashi and Yacoub be dropped, allowing them to resume conducting the church gatherings in peace. Also pray that those who have heard the message of the Gospel through the teachings and worship songs – including the children of the neighbour who issued the complaints – will be able to freely place their faith in Christ. Ask God to especially touch the heart of this opposing father, in hopes that he too will be receptive to the life-transforming message of the Gospel.