Evangelistic Meetings Cancelled After Threats


Ugandan Police - Photo: Pixabay / Numbercfoto

Churches in the western Ugandan town of Bwera had joined together for a series of open-air meetings that were scheduled to be run from May 20th to 26th. As a result, many community members put their faith in Christ. However, testimonies presented by former Muslims who converted to Christianity brought threats and ultimately an order for the meetings to cease.

The meetings featured some converts who had been Muslim teachers but now proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. These declarations, however, offended some of the local Muslims, who considered the claims blasphemous. On May 25th, more than 250 people showed up, armed with swords and clubs, threatening to kill any converts from Islam. Muslim leaders led the attackers on a march to the police station, demanding that the meetings be banned. As a result, police ordered that the meetings be stopped and that all open-air Christian meetings are to be hereby banned in the community.

After death threats were issued, local Christians have expressed fear for their lives. Church leaders in Uganda are calling on the international community to pray for the protection of all endangered followers of Christ, and that those who are newly converted will remain firm in their faith.

Even though Islam makes up less than 15 percent of the country's population, this case represents just one of the many challenges experienced by Ugandan Christians. In eastern Uganda, a Christian school was attacked and partially destroyed on June 2nd, following threats by militant Muslims. The school has faced opposition because many of the attending children are from families who have converted from Islam.

Prayerfully uphold those facing threats because of their faith in Jesus. Remember the church leaders who are seeking to provide guidance through these times of opposition. May the country's believers remain resolute in their commitment to Christ. We particularly remember those who just recently came to faith in Him because of these meetings. Pray that those opposing the Gospel will also realize their need for God's saving grace.