Sisters' Stories


  • Six Christians Arrested by Village Chief
    A large wooded area partially hides a village in the mountains of Laos.

    On June 22nd, believers from the village of Tahae gathered at the home of Pastor Mum for a time of prayer in preparation for their Sunday worship service the next day. While the followers of Jesus were praying, the village chief – along with four other community officials – suddenly entered the home before arresting the pastor and five believers because of their Christian faith.

  • Christian Woman Killed by Relatives
    A woman is silhouetted against a sunset.


    A Christian woman was beaten to death with a hammer and other weapons on June 24th because of her conversion to Christianity. The murder took place in Toylanka, a village in the state of Chhattisgarh.

  • Wife of Nazir Masih Dies of a Heart Attack
    Naseem and Nazir
    Naseem and Nazir
    Photo: Morning Star News

    In May, shocking images of mob violence were revealed after 74-year-old Nazir Masih was falsely accused of burning pages from the Quran. The elderly Christian man was fatally wounded during the resulting mob violence, which also led to the destruction of his shoemaking business, along with several attacks against other Christians. Further details on the violent rampage are available here.

  • Court Orders Christian Family to Convert to Islam
    Iraqi children are huddled together, smiling and scrambling for the attention of the photographer.
    Children in Iraq
    Photo: Flickr / UN / ECHO (cc)

    A Christian woman is presently facing a difficult ruling after being ordered by an Iraqi court to convert to Islam. The decision is based on the 1959 Personal Status Law, which mandates that children must adopt Islam if one of their parents converts to the Muslim faith.

  • Young Girl Forcibly Converted
    Laiba Suhail
    Laiba Suhail
    Photo: Morning Star News

    On the night of February 11th, ten-year-old Laiba Suhail was abducted from her home in the Faisalabad District of Punjab. The Christian girl's captor has been identified as Muhammad Mohsin Shah – a man who is well known in the area for abducting and forcibly converting girls from religious minorities.

  • Rape Victim Pressured to Drop Charges
    A woman is looking down with a sad expression on her face.
    Pray for Pakistani women who are constantly under threat.

    Two men have been arrested for repeatedly sexually assaulting a Christian woman and blackmailing her after recording the ordeal. The 26-year-old woman, who remains unnamed, has been facing pressure to drop all charges against her assailants.

  • Christian Couple Beaten and Threatened
    Several people are holding signs protesting violence against Christians.
    Photo: All India Christian Council

    A Christian couple in Uppaladinni, Karnataka, was recently beaten for their faith and threatened with death if they continued to practise Christianity. The attack on Vijayalakshmi Chavhan and her husband Ashok happened on January 10th, the day after Vijayalakshmi was accused by several media organizations of conducting forced religious conversions.

  • Parents Accused in Kidnapping Case
    A Muslim bride sits with her head down. She is dressed in brightly coloured clothing and henna decorations cover her hands.

    In a situation that has become far too common in Pakistan, a young Christian girl was abducted on August 22nd and then forcibly converted to Islam and married against her will to the abductor. The victim, Samreen Aftab, was a ninth-grade student at a school in Jaranwala where her father is employed as the principal. According to her father, Aftab Joseph, she was abducted by a Muslim man named Muhammad Amir.

  • Christian Tutor Reported by Her Husband
    A classroom is full of empty desks, some chalkboards, and a map of Asia.

    Liu Cui is a member of the Lishi Christian Church in China, which operates a co-op school group for children, despite ongoing harassment from government agencies that want to restrict the religious education of minors. On October 11th, Liu went to the school to help tutor six students from four different families.

  • Couple Released on Bail Due to Lack of Evidence
    Shaukat,  Kiran, and their children are sitting together.
    Shaukat, his wife Kiran, and their three children.
    Photo: Kross Konnection

    On September 8th, Kiran Bibi answered the door to a man who said he noticed pages of the Quran apparently falling from the rooftop of her family's home. When she invited him to investigate this further by going up to the rooftop, they found a bag with loose papers in it. Kiran stated that the bag had been given to her by a Muslim employer to sell to a scrap vendor, and that her children may have unintentionally thrown some of the pages down without realizing their significance.