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Standing with persecuted Christians in adversity, helping them advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a hostile world.

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A cross with a prison wall behind it.

"Brother B," a leader of more than 30 churches and fellowships in northeastern India, serves as a program director for one of VOMC's International Ministry partners. VOMC recently received a report informing that the trial of this Christian ministry leader, who has been imprisoned since mid-October, was finally scheduled to take place this week.

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Inside the Linfen Covenant House Church.
Photo: ChinaAid

The Linfen Covenant House Church has experienced ongoing legal challenges, many of which arose after police officers raided a family camp in August 2022. Two preachers from the church were arrested for alleged fraud and, more recently, two other church workers were suddenly detained without notice (see this page for more information).

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Crosses atop a church.
A church in Egypt.
Photo: VOMC

While the Egyptian government formed a committee in September 2016 to work through 3,730 applications to legalize unlicenced church buildings, the process has been slow. When VOMC last reported on the situation in September 2021, there were still 1,772 applications remaining (see this page). On November 14th, the most recent batch of approvals was made public, announcing the official licencing of 125 churches and other buildings affiliated with Christian ministry. With these latest authorizations, 2,526 of the 3,730 applications have now been approved.