• Country Information

    Central African RepublicPopulation
    5,552,228 (2023 est.)

    Ethnicity (%)
    Baya (28.8), Banda (22.9), Mandjia (9.9), Sara (7.9), M'Baka-Bantu (7.9), Arab-Fulani [Peul] (6), Mbum (6), Ngbanki (5.5), Zande-Nzakara (3), other Central African Republic ethnic groups (2), non-Central African Republic ethnic groups (.1)

    Religion (%)
    Christian (89), Muslim (9), folk (1), unaffiliated (1)
    Note: animistic beliefs and practices influence religious beliefs.

    President Faustin-Archange Touadera (2016)

    Government type
    Presidential Republic

    Legal system
    Civil law system based on the French model

    Sources: CIA World Factbook

  • Pray for Central African Republic

    Pray that the church remains united despite national fragmentation due to ongoing conflict. Ask God to give displaced Christians the grace to forgive their persecutors. Uphold our brothers and sisters as they look to the Lord for clarity and truth in relation to scripture.

Central African Republic News

  • Believers Caught Between Fighting Rebels
    Cathedral in Central African Republic
    Photo: VOA News

    For many years, the people of the Central African Republic have endured civil war as rebel groups fought against the ruling government. To further complicate the situation, two major factions in the conflict are the predominantly Muslim Séléka group and a primarily Christian group known as the anti-balaka militias. Both of these rival groups are strongly influenced by animism and ongoing tribal conflicts, but the troubles include tensions between Islam and Christianity.

  • Massacre in North-Central Region

    The Central African Republic, with 76 percent of its population representing the Christian majority, remains divided with the north, which is largely under the control of foreign-backed local and foreign Islamic militants. Unfortunately, Christians residing in towns and villages within rebel-held territory are experiencing terrible insecurity. Hundreds of thousands of them are displaced and the "front line" is perpetually volatile.

    On September 16th, an Islamic militia swept through the mostly Christian village of Ndomete, killing 19 residents and wounding dozens of others. The government has labelled it a "massacre." The next day clashes erupted in nearby Kaga-Bandoro, claiming at least five more lives. United Nations' peacekeepers were deployed to the area and are now trying to maintain "peace." May the Lord intervene in this forgotten yet continuing conflict, bringing about true peace, justice and liberty.

    Ask God to mightily intervene in Central African Republic, giving all who are working for peace and reconciliation (including President Touadera and the country's church leaders) the wisdom, strength, courage and authority to mitigate this troubling situation. Pray that the Lord will rise up on behalf of CAR's many innocent civilians so that opposing foreign militants will be driven out of their land and the borders secured. May the hearts of those belonging to the Muslim minority -- many of whom also long for an end to the senseless violence and chaos that has only resulted in trouble, displacement and poverty -- be open to the Gospel so that many in this nation can experience His healing, peace, and unity in spirit.

  • Violent Rampages Assault Christian District
    Rev. Nicolas Guerekoyame-Gbangou
    Photo: World Watch Monitor

    A prominent religious leader, who has received global acclaim for his efforts to end conflict, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by militant Muslims who later killed two other people, destroyed property, and stole possessions during their attack of a predominantly Christian district. On the morning of Saturday, September 26th, in the capital city of Bangui, angry Muslims from an area that's considered a stronghold for Séléka rebels and an unofficial "no-go zone" for non-Muslims, headed into the Christian district in search of Rev. Nicolas Guerekoyame-Gbangou, the president of CAR's Evangelical Alliance.

    Rev. Nicolas reports what took place that morning at his home, which is located within the Elim Church compound: "The assailants asked for 'Pastor Nicolas, who is pro-peace....'" After being informed about the reverend's absence, they ordered his family to leave the property. "One of the assailants brandished a knife and threatened to kill my older son but another assailant prevented him from doing it," he reports of the horrible ordeal. The mob then looted and burned the reverend's home and other buildings within the compound, firing shots sporadically at bystanders. "Unfortunately, they killed two people before leaving the compound," he continues. "The victims, who had their throats cut, were displaced people who had sought refuge within our compound." Since this brutal incident, the church leader's family has found refuge in an undisclosed location.

    The violence on September 26th is believed to be the worst the capital has faced this year. Early that afternoon, anti-balaka (anti-machete) militants retaliated against the Séléka rebels, resulting in more brutal injuries and deaths within the district. Witnesses report that people were slaughtered or shot at close range; corpses littered the streets or were thrown into wells. Homes and places of worship were ransacked and burned. The violence continued late into the night, in spite of curfews set by authorities. Weapon detonations and gunshots could still be heard the following day. Concerned by the violence, President Samba-Panza left the UN General Assembly to return to CAR. According to a UN report, at least 40 people died in the clashes and about 30,000 have fled since Saturday. The violence has also caused the CAR president to cancel the October elections.

    Throughout this volatile time in the Central African Republic, we ask the Lord to strengthen and protect Rev. Nicolas and his family, as well as the numerous other believers who are at risk within this troubled country. In addition, pray for the ministry of God's Spirit to be upon the families and friends who've lost loved ones in the recent attacks, bringing each of them needed comfort, peace, and the strength to carry on. May those who have fled the area in search of safety follow God's guidance, being mindful to give Him thanks as He meets their daily needs. We also ask the Lord to ultimately calm the violence by touching the hearts of the militants and leading them to repentance and salvation.