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Cross necklace - Photo: Pexels / Thijs van der Weide www.pexels.com

On the evening of June 27th, unidentified militants entered the village of Bani in northern Burkina Faso looking for Christians. After ordering everyone to lie on the ground, each villager was asked their name. The attackers then proceeded to search for anyone wearing Christian insignia, such as a cross.

Four men were found wearing crosses: Theophile Ouedraogo, Ernest Kassoaga, and brothers David and Philippe Zoungrana. Upon this discovery, the four were taken aside and executed. Before leaving the village, the attackers burned a shop owned by David. They then moved on to another village, Pougrenoma, where they warned residents against calling the authorities, indicating that they would return. This latest attack brings the total number of Christians, all of whom were assassinated in a similar manner, to 27 since February.

Please remember the grieving families and friends of these slain believers in your prayers. Pray that the surviving Christians throughout the country will continue to stand firm in the face of increasing danger. May those responsible for this year's attacks be brought to justice, with hopes they will respond to God's forgiveness and saving grace by acknowledging Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross for their sins...and by receiving the gift of eternal life as presented through His glorious resurrection.

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