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Survivors of the attack - Photo: Barnabas Fund www.barnabasfund.org
Survivors of the attack in Hantoukoura
Photo: Barnabas Fund

Fourteen church members, including five boys, were shot to death on December 1st. The attack happened in the small town of Hantoukoura in eastern Burkina Faso. The church had gathered together for worship when gunmen entered, ordering all the men and boys out of the building. They were forced to the ground, had their heads covered, and then killed one at a time.

At last report, no group has claimed responsibility. However, the region has seen a recent rise of Islamic militancy, and this incident is reminiscent of other similar attacks in recent months. The state governor is encouraging vigilance and has pledged the support of the military to track down those responsible.

Please uphold in prayer the loved ones of all those who were slain during this recent attack, asking for the ministry of the Holy Spirit to be evident to them in ways that far surpass their understanding. May the Lord also minister to the surviving members of this traumatized congregation, proving to be their ever-present help and strength in times of trouble. Pray that others in the community will witness the love and grace of God mightily at work, even in the midst of this horrible tragedy, so that they too will realize their need for His salvation and the assurance of eternal life.

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