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Myanmar (Burma)

The Christian faith in Burma traces its roots to the missionary efforts of Adoniram Judson, who arrived to the country in 1813 with his wife Ann. The Judson Bible is still the standard translation used by churches. Most Christians are from the Chin and Karen tribal groups, with very few of the majority Burmese coming to faith. Many Bible schools exist throughout the country, and indigenous church planters and missionaries boldly proclaim the Gospel. The church is growing despite widespread persecution by the government and the Buddhist majority.

Life for Christians:

The widespread, long-running civil war directly affects Christians, especially when targeted for attack by the warring factions. Villagers with animistic beliefs take vengeance against Christians, due to their fear of angering local spirits. Church gatherings and buildings are allowed in most of the country, but tolerance varies from state to state. Within tribal groups, families oppose conversion and new believers are subject to close government monitoring. Recently, Buddhist monks have actively opposed new Christian converts and evangelists, resulting in the detainment of pastors and other church leaders for days at a time.

Current Ministry Projects

VOMC partners with a seminary in Myanmar which is committed to teaching foundational Biblical truths and practical ministry opportunities to ensuring that students are well-equipped and prepared for Christian ministry.

Project Funds: Relief and Development, Equipping the Saints

Country Information


57,069,099 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Burman (68), Shan (9), Karen (7), Rakhine (4), Chinese (3), Indian (2), Mon (2), Other (5)

Religion (%)
Buddhism (87.9), Christianity (6.2), Islam (4.3), other (1.6)

Prime Minister Min Aund Hlaing (August 2021) - self-appointed

Government type
Parliamentary republic

Legal system
Mixed legal system of English common law

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for Burma

Pray that the newly elected civilian government will respect the religious freedoms of all its citizens – including the followers of Jesus. Ask God to prove Himself victorious over the longstanding abuses in Burma, and to demonstrate His transforming power by bringing many more to salvation. May He bless and multiply the evangelistic efforts of the seminary students and graduates, granting them divine appointments with people who are silently yearning for the truth of the Gospel.


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