More Crosses Forcibly Removed in Zhejiang


A demolition crew removes
the cross atop Dajing Church.
Photo: ChinaAid

The Chinese government, which continues in its attempt to eliminate the power of Christianity, has removed four more crosses from atop various churches. The city of Wenzhou has been the primary target of the regime as the Zhejiang province is considered the 'Jerusalem of the east' due to its number of thriving churches.

According to China Aid, the number of crosses destroyed in Zhejiang as a result of the campaign has now reached an estimated 2,000; with 49 of them having been removed in the province since the beginning of 2016 alone. (A previous report on the situation may be reviewed at this page.) To prevent congregants from halting the demolition process, government officials have even opted to wait until the churches are vacated at night to dismantle the crosses.

Churches protesting against the cross removals have had their water and electricity cut off, forcing services to be held elsewhere as the buildings are deemed unusable. Despite government notices and orders being plastered on church doors, believers have taken risks in their efforts to stop the advance of demolition crews. Church leaders and others opposing the campaign have been taken into custody, some never to be heard from again. For information on China's mysterious "black jails," click here.

Please join us in praying on behalf of all those affected by the extensive anti-cross campaign throughout the Zhejiang province. May these Christians be greatly encouraged by the Lord who promises to continue His vigilant ministry among them. While the governing officials may try to remove the churches' crosses from the country's skyline, they will never succeed at eradicating Christianity. In fact, we believe that God will bring about even more exponential spiritual growth and revival! Pray that the 'Light of the World' will shine ever so brightly through these believers' lives, illuminating God's truth to such an extent that it will revolutionize the hearts and minds of multitudes in need of our Risen Saviour – including the officials responsible for the anti-cross campaign!

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