Increasing Pressure on House Churches


Huaqiu Church - China Aid Association
The Huaqiu Church
Photo: ChinaAid

Authorities in China have been continuing their campaign against Christianity, targeting unregistered house churches. In recent days, at least two churches in Beijing have been raided by authorities who pressured landlords to cancel the leases.

On May 6th, several dozen officers from the Public Security Bureau entered a church service. While the service was allowed to continue, officials took pictures of those present. Two days later, the landlord revoked their lease.

During a regularly scheduled Bible study at the Holy Love Fellowship on April 20th, authorities disrupted the meeting and questioned those present. Xu Yonghai, a church elder, says that it is becoming harder to find a place to rent due to the governmental pressure on landlords.

Action against China's Christians has been taking various other forms as well. On May 8th, authorities met with nine members of the Huaqiu Church in Guizhou. The Religious Affairs Bureau personnel warned the church members against having any foreign connections and told them to join the government-approved Three-Self Church or face further repercussions.

As Christians in China continue to face opposition from many different directions, pray that they will have wisdom to know the appropriate ways in which to respond. May God strengthen and encourage these Chinese believers, so they will stand firm in Christ and continue the spread of the Gospel.

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