Mysterious Disappearance of Church Affiliate


Worshipers meet outside. - Photo: ChinaAid
Early Rain Covenant Church meets outside.
Photo: ChinaAid

Since the arrest of over 100 members of the Early Rain Covenant Church in December, authorities have continued to charge, detain and harass Christians associated with the church. For more information on the original raid, click here.

One member, Pan Fei, has been arrested several times since the original attack. After the first time he was detained, interrogated and released, he moved to a new home. Yet, he continued to be harassed by the local authorities who frequently broke into his residence.

Due to government pressure, Pan Fei was also fired from his job at the Yong Hui shopping mall. Early this month, he managed to find a new job. However, on March 4th, he mysteriously disappeared and, at last report, there had been no communication with friends or family. The Early Rain Covenant Church has requested prayer for him: "We pray fervently for this lamb who has been captured and separated from the Lord Jesus Christ's flock. May God's Spirit be with him and protect his body and soul!"

Please join with these church members in praying for Pan Fei. May he be protected from harm and safely returned to his concerned family and friends soon. Pray for the many other believers who are still being detained in prison -- including Pastor Wang Yi and his wife, both of whom have been accused of "inciting to subvert state power."

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