Churches Converted to Cultural Centres


Church in China - Photo: Open Doors
Continue to pray that Christians in China will be faithful despite authorities’ efforts to close churches.
Photo: Open Doors

As China continues its crackdown on churches, some state-approved Three-Self Churches have been "voluntarily" converted into cultural centres. In Jiangsu province, the Flowing Stream Church was disbanded in 2019, accused of "occupying the village's cultural base." It has now been turned into the "Yangzai Township Flowing Stream Village Cultural Service Centre" where the socialist principles of President Xi are promoted, in the governing officials' attempt to spread "positive energy" to the community.

A similar fate happened to the Beizhouzhuang Church. Shut down in October over registration problems, the members were to have "voluntarily" donated the facility to the community, turning it into the Beizhouzhuang Cultural Compound. The church has been unable to meet since being closed. There have been reports that dozens of other government-approved churches were forced to close as well.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to view Greg Musselman's interview with Bob Fu from ChinaAid, we encourage you to go to this page to learn more about the challenges facing China's Christians.

Pray that the Lord will make it possible for Christians throughout China to receive greatly needed fellowship, teaching and encouragement, despite the oppression they are experiencing. May they also be inspired with new and innovative ways to spread the Gospel message. Intercede for the members of any churches still in operation who are likewise facing the uncertainty of potential shutdown, asking God to minister spiritual strength, peace and hope to His persecuted people by impressing upon their hearts the promises contained in His infallible Word.