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Zhang Chunlei, his wife, Pastor Wang Yi's wife, Pastor Wang Yi
Elder Zhang Chunlei (left) with his wife,
along with Pastor Wang Yi and his wife.
Photo: ChinaAid

On the morning of March 16th, 2021, public security officers raided the Renai Reformed Church in Guiyang, taking more than ten Christians into custody. After hearing about the raid, the church's leader, Elder Zhang Chunlei, went to the police station to negotiate but was detained by the authorities. (For additional information, see this page.)

More than a year later, Elder Zhang remains in detention, and yet access to his lawyer has been seriously restricted. Requests have been denied several times. The last time he was able to see his lawyer was on January 5th. During the most recent attempt, the lawyer applied for a March 31st visit with the church leader, but this request was also rejected by the courts.

According to his wife, Yang Aiqing, Elder Zhang was at peace during the January visit. He sang hymns and asked his lawyer to send greetings to fellow Christians of the church. Since the lawyer has been unable to meet with a judge or receive a notice of formal accusation against his client, the date for a trial remains unknown.

Pray for continued peace and strength on behalf of Elder Zhang as he faces the uncertainty of potential sentencing. As he awaits trial, may he be greatly encouraged by the assurance of the Holy Spirit's presence with him. Ask the Lord to also provide emotional and spiritual support to his wife Yang and other members of their family and church community during this time of separation. Finally, please pray that the courts will grant Elder Zhang proper legal representation through the mediation of his lawyer, resulting in a favourable outcome and the soon release of this faithful follower of Jesus.