Closer to the Fire

We Will Be His Martyrs: For The Bible Tells Us So
An interview with Dr. Eric Foley of The Voice of the Martyrs Korea (Part Two)

Martyrdom is NOT a special calling from Jesus given only to the apostles or a small number of bold Christians at key moments in history. Dr. Eric Foley of The Voice of the Martyrs Korea says that all Christians are called to be martyrs! In his interview conversation with Greg Musselman, Dr. Foley examines how the Bible defines martyrdom, and the answer may surprise you. Dr. Foley also discusses the situation he and his VOM Korea team are experiencing regarding their balloon launch ministry into North Korea, which the South Korean authorities have made illegal, and the consequences these Christians are prepared to face.

Date: May 2021
Length: 34 minutes
Source: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

The Voice of the Martyrs Korea
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
North Korea country report

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