North Korea

According to World Watch Monitor, North Korea is considered one of the worst countries in the world for persecution of Christians. Followers of Christ are ruthlessly tortured, imprisoned and even murdered.  All private, non-state-sanctioned religious activity is prohibited. Anyone discovered engaging in clandestine religious activity is subject to arrest, torture and possible public execution. Under the ideology of Juche, the only acceptable religion is "Kim-Il-Sungism." However, the North Korean government is careful to maintain a facade of religious freedom with the operation of four "show" churches within its capital city.

When Christians are executed, they have been typically charged for allegedly acting as spies or their involvement in illegal activities. It is estimated that more than 200,000 believers worship secretly. Experts estimate that of the hundreds of thousands incarcerated in labour and concentration camps, about 30,000 of them are Christians. These religious prisoners are typically treated worse than any of the other inmates. Possessing a Bible, saying the words "God" or "Jesus," and meeting together for the purpose of worship, are all offenses punishable by death.


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