North Korea

Years of economic isolation, a run of natural disasters, and national famine have left North Korea with little choice but to scrape the country's landscape bare of vegetation, leaving her former endemic wildlife dwindling. The arid desolation can, likewise, be considered a reflection of the people's spiritual starvation. For this once spiritually rich nation has been gravely exploited and raked dry by false religion.

Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, was once a great centre for Christian mission work to all the Eastern world. In 1907, the Great Pyongyang Revival swept across the Korean Peninsula -- earning Pyongyang the title, "The Jerusalem of the East." As late as the 1920s, 90 percent of the Christians in Korea (North and South) lived in Pyongyang.

Today, North Korea is the world's only necrocracy (a government ruled by a dead leader). Kim Il Sung has long been in the grave, but it is his rule that still governs the lives of North Korea's people. His self-made religion, called "Juche," is the only one in the world that's specifically designed to be a distortion of Christianity.

The North Korean government claims to permit freedom of religion -- alleging that although North Koreans have the right to choose, they have all decided to follow the country's Juche principles. This is clearly a false claim, as proven by the testimonies of hundreds of Christians attesting to the deplorable conditions they have personally suffered for their faith during imprisonment in North Korea's labour and concentration camps. It's estimated by reliable sources that of the hundreds of thousands who are currently incarcerated, approximately 30,000 of them are Christians.

In reality, all private, non-state sanctioned religious activities are prohibited. Anyone discovered engaging in any clandestine religious practice is subject to arrest, torture and possible public execution. To maintain its poor façade of "freedom of religion," such treatment is publicly predicated on false accusations of spying or involvement in other illegal activities.



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