Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Is There Really Freedom of Religion

In many countries around the world where governing leaders claim to guarantee freedom of religion, Christians continue to be persecuted, harassed and arrested for their faith. Such is the case in Sri Lanka, where Jerome Fernando, a well-known pastor in the Western Province, was recently arrested for comparing Christianity to other religions. Although the constitution of this island nation provides all citizens freedom of thought, conscience and religion, Pastor Jerome’s arrest is just one example of the many religious freedom violations being committed against followers of Christ in this Buddhist-majority country.

In this episode of the Closer to the Fire podcast, host Greg Musselman discusses Pastor Jerome’s case with Roshini Wickremesinhe, who serves as the Executive Director of the Religious Liberty Partnership in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Roshini, who also happens to be a lawyer, explains why this incident is so troubling in a country where Christians are commonly persecuted. During their conversation, Roshini also addresses the situation Sri Lanka: Easterfacing believers in India and describes how the country’s oppressive anti-conversion laws have led to the arrests of hundreds of believers.

Date: December 2023
Length: 30 minutes

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