An Interview with Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand: The Founders of The Voice of the Martyrs (International)

Richard Wurmbrand was a pastor who endured 14 years of imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Romania. In 1945, when the Communists seized Romania and attempted to take control of the churches, he began an effective, vigorous “underground” ministry for oppressed believers, as well as outreaches for the Russian soldiers occupying his country.

Pastor Wurmbrand was initially arrested in 1948, along with his wife, Sabina, who laboured in a prison camp for three years. During his three years in solitary confinement, he saw no one other than his Communist torturers. He was then transferred to a group cell, where the torture continued for five more years before his release. In 1959, Pastor Wurmbrand was re-arrested and sentenced to another 25 years in prison. Thankfully, he and Sabina were ransomed out of Romania in 1964 by Norwegian Christians and were able to settle in the United States.

The Wurmbrands went on to found a ministry to assist persecuted Christians around the world, which became known as The Voice of the Martyrs. Over the years, the Wurmbrands visited Canada many times to raise awareness of the plight of Christian persecution; and, in 1988, they were interviewed on the television program, 100 Huntley Street.

Length: 25 minutes
Date: October 2022

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